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Darcy Winch

Member - Fundraising Committee 


Darcy has been on the CCMF Board of Directors for 17 years. He is proud to be a part of CCMF's ongoing projects. He is humbled by the community support of CCMF over its 31 years as a not for profit organization. Darcy would like to give a big "thank you" to the Sarnia-Lambton community and supporters everywhere. 


Marg Jackson

Member - Support & Needs Committee

A teacher for medically fragile students for 30 years, Marg has held the position of Treasurer for the past 16 years on the Board of Directors. 

Crystal Klatt 
Chair - Fundraising Committee 

I'm a believer the most rewarding moments in life come from our acts of kindness. I was fortunate I had a career that offered lots of opportunities to contribute to our community. I came to participate on the board with CCMF as a parent who adopted a medically fragile daughter. I look forward to connecting with our CCMF allies & friends in our community.


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Laura Mele 
Vice President 

Chair - Property Committee 

Member - Fundraising Committee

My passion is to work with individuals who have disabilities all started in 1994, when I attended Bridgeview school in Point Edward. I always questioned when a student was missing and where they were and why? I went on to university and received my degree in Disability Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto. I joined the CCMF board in 2020. 

Lisa Rombough 
Chair - Volunteer Committee 

My daughter, Avery, is a resident at Standing Oaks. She is my inspiration and the reason that I became a
CCMF Board Member in 2019. I have always been her advocate, and I also wanted to be part of a group
that advocates for the medically fragile in the community. All the CCMF Board Members are passionate
about their work, and I am proud to be part of that.



Tim Reinholt 




I joined the CCMF board because I wanted to become part of and contribute to an organization that advocates for the medically fragile and their families.

My daughter, Rachel, uses the Standing Oaks respite bed and she has been part of the Standing Oaks “family” since 2010.

Mary Weerdenburg 

Mary joined the CCMF membership in 2021 as secretary on the board.

Mary will Chair the Transportation Committee come the fall of 2022. 


In 2018 she retired from working as a physiotherapist for 32 years at Pathways Health Centre for Children. 

There she worked with children of all ages and abilities, and grew to understand the stages that children with various limitations, and also their parents, go through as their children develop.

Diane Lambert
Chair - Support & Needs

Diane & Jim Lambert and Monica & Frank Vautour co-founded CCMF in 1989.  Diane and Monica spent many hours in front of a typewriter developing the foundation of CCMF.  Standing Oaks was our vision and it became the vision of CCMF’s families as they all joined in.  CCMF is a tight-knit family organization that Diane is so proud of. Diane has held the position of President, Secretary and Support & Needs Committee Chair over the years.  

Carolina Stock 




Information pending 

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