Transportation for the Medically Fragile

This group of individuals have so much to offer the art world. There are always ways things can be adapted so the creativity can flow. As their instructor, I look for subtle indications from some of them for things like colour or texture choice often through body language or eye gaze. The pride they show while working on their piece gives joy to anyone in the room. The changes observed in their growth as artists and as individuals branching their comfort zones show how much this program is not about the end products produced. The Hands on Art Program is one I am very proud of for all involved.

What is HOA?
A Message from our Instructor

My name is Sue Bendall and I have had the privilege of teaching the Hands on Art Program for the past 5 years. My background is a specialist in the field of Deaf-blindness where using a total communication approach and adapting activities to meet the needs of individuals with varying abilities is second nature. I can't ever remember a time when I was not creating art in some form. I feel very honoured to work with such a dynamic group of artists.

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