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CCMF volunteers work Jackpot City bingos!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Prior to COVID-19, CCMF volunteers worked two to three Bingos a month at Jackpot City, in Sarnia. Monies earned, can be used for specific items to help enhance the lives of our medically fragile, as outlined by the OCGA.

The first purchase approved by CCMF‘s Board of Directors, was for an air purification system. This air purifier was installed onto the present HVAC system at Standing Oaks. This unit will provide cleaner and healthier air to breathe, as it clears the air of pollutants. It will aide in reducing symptoms to those who suffer from airborne allergies, asthma and also aides in removing odours.

Thankful and grateful for our volunteers who dedicate their time and to OCGA for giving us the opportunity.


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