2020 has been a trying year for charities, CCMF included. All of us have had to adapt in our personal and work lives, have not been able

to see loved ones, have not been able to travel ....really we have not been able to live what we once classified, as our "normal lives".

Furthermore, CCMF turned a new chapter as a new president came in sooner than expected as Doug Robinson stepped down.
I want to personally thank Doug for his years of service in the position of President.  It is a challenge to be the volunteer head of any
organization. I want to thank Doug for continuing to volunteer with CCMF and remaining a friend of the organization. Having a medically
fragile daughter, Doug was able to empathize and have the perspective necessary to understand the needs of this very special population. 
I am not sure what direction CCMF will take in 2021, given that pandemic restrictions keep us from gathering- when will parents feel safe
enough to gather with us. The social events of CCMF in the past helped keep our group in the public eye, especially the seasonal Interactive

There is some hope, however. We are still involved with Jackpot City Entertainment - I do miss volunteering there and look forward to
returning. CCMF is fortunate to be partnered with them as they give so much to our community.

 Joan has been pivotal in furthering CCMF throughout the community. She has the seemingly tireless enthusiasm necessary to fulfill the
Executive Director role, Thank you, Joan.
To the Board of CCMF, I want to thank each of you as well. Diane, Dave, Marg, Laura, and Lisa thank you. I will need aid in this roll, no doubt.

Each of us has to remember, the small sacrifices we make in our commitment to CCMF, helps the lives of the medically fragile in our
community in some way. Those individuals and their families have had to add on the challenges of COVID to their daily lives - their
“normal” started out being challenging already.

Darcy Winch - CCMF President