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Transportation for the Medically Fragile

CCMF noted in 2012 that the van was in good working order, but that the need to look at new or a used van should be at the top of our list in the coming year. A reliable van was needed to assure safe transport of our residents to and from doctors and hospital appointments in addition to getting them to various functions and family outings. By the time 2013 rolled around, it was determined by the mechanic (who continually cared for and repaired the van), that the framework was unsafe. The van was nearly 18 years old, and was not properly equipped for wheelchairs and other medical equipment that was needed by our residents.  


The decision was made that funding for a van should be set aside with monies raised from various fundraisers.  So it started, bake sales, Paws for a Cause, and various other events to build this fund to purchase a safer, more reliable vehicle. By the end of June of 2013, $12,534.00 had been raised for the van.


Through various donations and fundraisers over the next year, an additional $13,500 had been raised, by the end of May of 2014, bringing the new total to: $26, 034. Board members were thrilled but still stressing over this purchase. A used van was now a possibility, however, the van would need to be overhauled inside to safely accommodate our medically fragile.

The Story of the Van

The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation heard of our plight and donated $60,000 to cover the purchase of a new van and have it fully equipped to accommodate the wheelchairs safely in addition to having it loaded with the necessary medical equipment to safely transport our medically fragile. Heartfelt thanks to this Foundation for coming to our rescue. We are forever indebted!

We transport our medically fragile to where they need to go. Membership is a requirement to utilize the van service. Please contact the office for an application form.

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